Green facilities

Out of respect for the environment and for the children in our classes, both facilities have been created using healthy and ecological materials. For example: hemp insulation, organic paint, electrical installations in the little school designed to reduce electromagnetic emissions, cork sound insulation also used as bulletin boards, natural linoleum, solid wood from sustainably managed forests is used as often as possible when choosing our furniture and equipment, and low-consumption lighting. Our ceilings are even designed to purify the space by absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The school grounds are warm and inviting. Children and teachers alike use slippers, just like at home, and you are welcome to bring along your own pair to leave in your child’s cubby for use during morning welcome time.

The Big School (Georges Auric)

The Big School meets current standards and is handicap accessible. The 340m2 facility is specially designed for children aged 3 – 10 and includes:

On the main floor:

  • 2 separate entries,
  • 3 spacious and well-lit classrooms,
  • an administrative office,
  • a large cafeteria,
  • bathroom facilities for children and adults.

In the basement (no public access):

  • the kitchen,
  • bathrooms and changing rooms,
  • a large storage space,
  • a laundry room,
  • a staff room.

The Little School (Darius Milhaud)

The Little School meets current standards and is handicap accessible. The 100m2 facility is specially designed for children aged 2 – 6 and includes:

  • a large classroom and play space,
  • a kitchen,
  • a nap room,
  • an administrative office,
  • bathroom facilities for children and adults.


Recess takes place every day in the beautiful Buttes Chaumont park. The children are in close contact with nature and are supervised by at least 2 adults. We use cones to set playground limits, which allows us to change location from one day to the next and to enjoy the grass, the sand, the sun or the shade according to our needs and desires. The children know recess rules by heart and repeat them before each outing:

  • « We don’t pass the cones »,
  • « We take care of ourselves and each other »,
  • « When the teachers clap their hands, we come right away with our buddy »,
  • « We have fun! ».
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