Fulfilled children who are… happy to go to school

Nathan : « I adore going to school. I really like when we do activities. Sometimes in the afternoons we have different guests and I like that. I really like to do savoir-être because it’s not something that is done in all schools. I like when we do the calendar in the morning in English. Also, what I really like is the morning wake-up. And also, I like to go to the park because we are in a free space, where there are more plants. »

Oscar : « I am happy to go to school and I love everything! Like math and writing. I love learning and also learning about savoir-être. We talk about the crocodile and the giraffe. We learn skills to not be afraid and how to say ‘stop.’ (The crocodile is the animal selected by the children to speak about their emotional reactions. The giraffe is the emblematic animal of the theory of non-violent communication.)

Elmar : « I love coming to school ! What I love is reading. And I also like doing geometry: for example, with the compass I can make beautiful circles. I like playing Belfedar. You have to work together and we do, as a team. There are no losers, there are no winners. I also like the teachers and the director! » (Belfedar is a cooperative game.)

Marlowe : « I love geometry! I love studying ‘Discovery of the world’ about the body and things like that. I also like arts and doing savoir-être. I like learning how to say, “Stop” and other things.»

Tiphaine : « I like the teachers. I like to dance with Zineb (teacher in Class 4). I like to learn. I also like savoir-être because if we didn’t know it, we would often use violence and we wouldn’t feel our hearts!»

Kléa : « I like mathematics. I really love reading and I also love the teachers. And also I love the planet earth!»

Tiber : « I like everything at school! There is a lot of creativity and also I like the savoir-être: the successes, how we learn jackal and giraffe. And writing! Before I was like, “Oh, I can’t do it!” and now I like writing so much! » (The jackal and the giraffe are the emblematic animals of the theory of non-violent communication for learning non-judgment and how to listen to the self and others.)

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