[September 10, 2018] LCI report on eco-schools including Living School, “Environmental Education: What if you enroll your child in an eco-school?”

“At École Living School, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, we are training the eco-citizens of tomorrow, which we visited as part of a report for LCI’s morning weekend. part of the country’s 2,700 eco-schools, where 87 students from kindergarten to elementary school are learning to become tomorrow’s eco-citizens "

[September 5, 2018] An interview of Caroline Sost by Maud de Bohan for Investigations of region on France 3 Ile-de-France! Find the interview at 19m50s.

[January 11, 2018] Flourish at school, it’s possible! Testimony of Caroline Sost on the key concepts of Living School pedagogy

Concrete solutions to better educate our children … and change the world. An innovative vision of pedagogy by the founder of Living School.

[26th april 2017] Testimony of Elmar Givelet, former student at Living Schoo – Spirit of Humanity Forum Islande

Living School Alumni Elmar Givelet shared his 4-year experience at the Spirit of Humanity Forum in Islande. For 10 years, Caroline Sost, the founder of Living School, has been offering students to accompany her in conferences, events and interviews to bring their stories. In 2010, she and three children of CP hosted a conference on the living room “Living Elsewhere”, among them Elmar was struggling to let go of the microphone as he enjoyed sharing his experience. She had concluded by saying to the public, "You see, in a few years they will give lectures alone, without me! ". And that day arrived on April 26, 2017. She gave him “carte blanche” and that’s the result. Breathtaking, is not it?

[10th november 2017] For a better world by Living School and Jean Nô

During a workshop “song in creation”, Jean Nô of the Enfantastiques and our class of GS/CP have created in 2010 the song “For a better world”. For seven years, that song have been sing for the Planetary Week for a better world. In 2007, the class 5 of Living School had the joy to record with Jean Nô this song in a studio. Thank you to Jean Nô for this wonderful collaboration. Thank you to Delphine Garel for the images and editing.

[3rd december 2015] Kids for COP21: kids talk to world leaders and demand action on climate change

during the event organized by ASHOKA on “Let’s re-draw education”

TEDx with founder and creator, Caroline Sost

And if our children grew up in a different way? ASHOKA FILM. As part of a series of articles on the importance of rethinking education in order to cultivate a changemaker spirit starting from a young age, and to support the Changemaker Schools initiative, ASHOKA has produced a 25-minute film that was released and communicated to 25,000 teachers on Wednesday, May 27th.

[20 avril 2012] “Living School on Ushuaia TV – émission Passage au Vert”

Elmar, Living School child interview on EcoPlus TV, at the LHFORUM for Children, on 27th September 2013

These children who change the world, the movie made by Living SChool and LHFORUM.

Caroline Sost interview on Le Nouvel Observateur

Ils font autrement: l'école des écocitoyens par LeNouvelObservateur

Caroline Sost debate with Monica Canto-Sperber at the LHFORUM 2013

Caroline Sost at the Université de la Terre Conference

Caroline Sost at the Up-Confences : inspire social innovation

Caroline Sost interview on BFM TV

Club de Troc with the children

Living School on the series, “Passage au Vert” (“Going Green”)

Interview with the University of the Earth

Chief Raoni and the children of Living School

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- Nouvel Observateur
- Reportage Graine d’Ecocitoyens (pas en ligne : j’ai un DVD)
- Ushuaïa TV

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