Children… who develop an exemplary set of life-skills

Actions that we see spontaneously in the first class of the smallest age group :

A child falls or cries: more than one child rushes to help him/her to get up and gives him/her « rounds of love » on the back for comfort.

The bigger ones will often help the smaller ones to put on their shoes or coats.

Buddy system: In the school, each child has a buddy for the entire year and who, for example, will hold hands to go to the park. The older children develop true empathy and feel really responsible for the younger children, and then the younger ones are more independent and confident. The most magical effect of the buddy system is that the entire school plays together. In Classe Verte, the center’s animators are often surprised to see that all ages mix together harmoniously and spontaneously during mealtime.

Elmar : « Way to go, Emma! You ate all your cucumbers. You can put that in your success notebook! »

Tiber, during the Green School, to a coordinator suggesting a race to come in first: « Francis, there is no competition at Living School, you know! »

During a recess, Gareth comes towards the teachers, in tears. He says that another child hit him and is bothering him. The francophone teacher asks Gareth if he thinks he can handle the situation on his own and tells Gareth that he can go explain to the other child what he felt in that difficult moment. Garth goes to see the other child and tells him, « You know, I did not like when you pushed me, that hurt me, and I don’t want you to do it again. If you can stop, we can play together, ok? »

Oscar : « I was wrong, but it’s no big deal! »

Gabriel : « I am really upset, I am going to punch the anger cushion! »(We have an anger cushion in each class to let out one’s anger or frustration.)

Elmar at the retirement home, says, « She has a huge potential, Mrs. Muller! » while speaking about an elderly person who does yoga with us and whose flexibility is amazing.

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