Trainings for education professionals

  • Two-day Savoir-être Training A new session has just been planned IN ENGLISH on November 25th and 26th 2017; 9:00am-5:30pm.
  • Two-day Create your school training:
    The next session will take place on the 19th and 20th february 2018.

Our trainings take place at Living School, Paris 19th arr.

We have had wonderful feedback. Check out the testimony of past participants at the bottom of the page.

Savoir-être Training

This training is the most in-depth training we offer on our pedagogy for education professionals. We have been offering it for several years. They engender:

  • A better knowledge of yourself and of children.
  • A strong awareness of your own potential and the potential of children.
  • A stronger self-confidence and affirmation.
  • A dynamic of success and cooperation transposable for the classroom.
  • A positive and constructive communication.
  • More meaning.

On November 25th + 26th, 2017, we will hold a Discovery Course of our innovative pedagogy in english for education professionals, because children and young people also learn from who we are! 2 days to deepen fulfillment in your vocation, and further fulfill children and young people. The opportunity to train yourself in our approach! Savoir-être, our quality of being, it’s international.

You can sign up by downloading the inscription form and program on the right-hand side. For any questions, you can reach us at: or 01 42 00 72 24.

Living School is a certified training organization (which allows the management of fees by collection agencies).

Scroll down to read the testimony of past participants.

Workshop Create your school!

A day to dream up your project, discover strategies to succeed, and set up realistic steps towards to succeed concretely.

Indispensable for succesfully completing your project with pleasure and fluidity, this new training will allow you to learn from the experience of Caroline Sost. :

  • Your project is an educational structure (school, community center…)
  • It’s a dream that lights up your heart but you don’t know where to start.
  • You are wondering how to best run your project, you sometimes doubt yourself and the feasability of your project.
    This training will address the difference between vision and strategy, outline the qualities to develop in your savoir être in order to reach success, and present the keys to organizing your project in attainable steps.

Sign up via the brochure Create your school downloadable on the right hand side. Contact us at or 01 42 00 72 24 for any questions.

Living School is a certified training organization (which allows the management of fees by collection agencies).

Scroll down to read the testimony of past participants.

Feedback from teachers who have completed the trainings :

Camille, high school teacher : “I praised my senior students. I took time to tell them that they have plenty of qualities and I praised each one of them individually. It did them so much good and they so needed it…it was just before the end of year baccalauret exam and their main teacher was not very encouraging.”

Yanek, 1st grade teacher : “The savoir-être workshops gave me awareness and tools that are truly important in my pedagogical practice. I was able to test immediately the efficiency of the changes in my own behavior when it came to the work and atmopshere of the children. I saw children smiling again once I had praised and encouraged the image they had of themselves. I perceive clearly that it is fundamental to manage with consciousness our own savoir-être as a complimentary part of pedagogical methods, for the good of the child and for our own good as well. This training is a key step for me. Absolutely a training to do!”

Joseph, 4th grade teacher : “A training out of the ordinary that has the audicity to go to the intersection of paradigmes currently applied to the creation of educational trainings in France because it puts the emphasis on the savoir-être of the teacher more than his savoir and his savoir-faire.”

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