All Children in the World
are Talented, All!

Download the kit for education professionals by clicking here.

This year, as part of the celebration of the 6th edition of The Planetary Week for a Better World that will take place from June 6th-14th, 2015, we are launching the third edition of “All Children in the World are Talented, ALL!” It is the third edition in a series that will take on, we are certain, a phenomenal force! We so enjoyed creating this event and we hope that you will enjoy it as well in helping to make it live!

Whether we are parents, grand-parents, education professionals, neighbors or loved ones, we are many to be around children regularly, and from June 6th to the 14th in 2015, we invite you to recognize and praise all the children who surround you. Because all children are talented, ALL of them!

During this week, we invite you to focus on the strengths, the qualities, the riches, the talents, and the skills—in one word, on the POTENTIAL—of all the children of the world. To be confident in one’s capacities from the youngest age is a gift for life. It would be wonderful, rather than concentrating on children’s limitations and difficulties, or perpetuating the idea that they “can do better” or “can’t,” to redirect our attention with resolute determination to see their enormous potential. For children truly do possess an infinite potential to create, to invent, to grow, and to develop their hearts and minds.

To share this event in our schools and all places of education and extra-curricular activities, Living School created a kit for education professionals. Thanks to this kit, education professionals can develop a classroom climate that is positive and constructive, letting children make mistakes and seeing each child in his/her potential, without judgement. Teachers (educators, animators…) can foster specific moments to celebrate the successes of each child. One by one, the children can express themselves by sharing one of their successes that week. One might hear, “I am happy because I am learning lots of things!” or “I succeeded in riding my bike without training wheels!” or even, “I am happy because I helped a friend.” This kit also exists in French, in Spanish , in Portuguese and in italian.

From the simpler everyday actions (a smile, an encouragement…) to the organization of a great event (a party for the children, a knowledge fair, an art show with work the children have done…), there are a thousand different ways to be a part of this extraordinary week! You will find many ideas to put into action with the children in your life on the website The Planetary Week for a Better World, in the kit, on the event website, and on our Facebook page where you can also share your ideas and completed initiatives!

To develop this celebration of children’s potential is a important issue, and an urgent one. In the face of global issues (ecological, economic, social, health, etc…), more than ever, it is evident that we need a society made up of men and women who have confidence in their abilities to contribute to a more sustainable world, a more just world, and a more ethical world. A world that joins performance and results with ethics, professional efficiency with personal fulfillment, action with meaning, the intelligence of reason with the intelligence of the heart: now is our time to make it happen!

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