Sustainable development, citizenship, ethics – Links

La Semaine Planétaire pour un Monde Meilleur: One week each year, in the month of June, millions of people all over the world who believe that global change begins by personal change take postive action to contribute to a better world in their personal life, professional life, and more largely throughout society. To make your contribution and spread the news, visit the website!

Kinomé, an ethical business that organizes free trips to the forest for Living School students each year and fights for reforstation around the world via the movement Forest & Life. You can sponsor trees on their website ! The children of Living School have already contributed to replanting 722 trees in Senegal thanks to Forest & Life.

La Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme: A foundation created by Nicolas Hulot to act each day in favor of the planet and humanity. On their website, you’ll find petitions to support positive change as well as useful tips to limit your environmental impact and to eat local and seasonally.

Le WWF: dedicated to protecting endangered species, and so much more ! An international non-profit that promotes a thriving planet. Calculate your ecological footprint, organize to bring oragnic to your school cafeteria, protect biodiversity, and discover environmental education tools.

Utopies: an organization whose mission is to promote sustainability and social responsibility among businesses. Founder Elizabeth Laville also started the project, « Our cafeterias for the planet », of which Living School is an active participant.

Le mouvement Colibris: A movement started by Pierre Rabhi. Les Colibris are made up of individulas who invent, experiment and concretely cooperate to build models of community living that are respectful of nature and humankind.

Ashoka: an international organization that promotes ethical entrepreneurship.

Lola Ya Bonobo: a non-profit founded by our friend, Claudine Andre, that acts to protect bonobos, the marvelous monkeys that share 98% of their genes with humans. With Claudine, the children of Living School adopted 2 young bonobos and paid for the eye operation of a bonobo that was nearly blind. We suggest the film « Bonobo ». To support Claudine and her project, check out her non-profit’s website.

Urgence Amazonie: a France based non-profit that supports Chef Raoni and the cause of the Kayapos to save the Amazonien forest from destruction.

Enfances Indiennes: a franco-indian non-profit that helps underprivileged children, largely by educating children in the ghetto of New Delhi.

Graine de changement, is an information agency focused on sustainability and initatives that promote humanity.

Décennie internationale promotes non-violent culture and peace. French coordiation.

Yann Arthus Bertrand, photographer commited to sustainability.

Patrick Viveret, Philosopher and former referendary counsellor at the Cour des Comptes, working towards a redefinition of wealth. Sponsor of Living School.

Agoravox, citizenship media

Jean-Marie Pelt, Founding President of the European Institute of Ecology and of the Société Française de Pharmacologie.

80 hommes pour changer le monde, a book and a website that present 80 pioneers of sustainability.

Reporters d’Espoirs, finally, a media outlet to spread constructive initiatives that take on today’s challenges!

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, founder of the Grameen Bank (microcredit) that lends money to the disenfranchised and shows that it’s possible to create a world without poverty.

Le Nouveau Consommateur, a magazine dedicated to responsible consumerism.

Ecosapiens, a guide for ethical purchases.

Féminin Bio: the first women’s organic magazine.

Nature & découvertes, shops, nature activities, a foundation, a magazine, conferences, and an authentic commitment to taking care of our planet.

Toutelabio, to stock up on organic products (fresh and dry).

Sustainable development, citizenship, ethics – Books

Now or Never, l’urgence d’agir by Edel Gött

80 hommes pour changer le monde by Sylvain Darnil and Mathieu Le Roux

Vers un monde sans pauvreté by Muhammad Yunus

Manifeste pour la Terre et l’Humanisme by Pierre Rabhi

Reconsidérer la richesse, Patrick Viveret

Planète Attitude : les gestes écologiques au quotidien, WWF

Eco écolo en famille, Nouveau Consommateur

Le guide des jeux pour la planète, Pascal Carré

Protégeons la Planète, Kididoc (for children)

Planète attitude Junior, WWF (for children)

Quand nous aurons mangé la planète, Alain Serre and Silvia Bonanni (for children)

Wangari Maathai la femme qui plante by Franck Prévot and Aurélia Fronty (for children)

STOP, a book by Laurent de Bartillat and Simon Rettalack, an overview of the state of the planet with texts by figures from all over the world and suggested solutions.

Sustainable development, citizenship, ethics – DVD

Home by Yann Arthus Bertrand

Une Vérité qui dérange by Al Gore

Solutions locales au désordre Global by Coline Serreau

La Belle Verte by Coline Serreau

Le Cauchemar de Darwin, Hubert Sauper, 2003

Severn, Jean-Paul Jaud

Mia et le Migou , Jacques-Rémy Girerd (for children)

Un jour sur Terre, Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield (for children)

Ma petite planète chérie, Jacques-Rémy Girerd (for children)

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