Mission statement

The creation of Living School is based on two principles:

First principle : today’s schooling does not sufficiently prepare children for the essential aspects of life. To feel truly self-confident, to know how to affirm oneself, and to maintain positive relationships with others are just a few examples of aspects that allow someone to succeed. And yet schooling today continues to place content areas and know-how as top priorities, casting aside a centered savoir-être that is incredibly important. At Living School, savoir-être is at the root of the pedagogy in and outside the classroom, including the entire teaching team, who is trained continuously in savoir-être. The passionate and dedicated teachers are specially trained in order to give complete opportunity to each and every child to develop his or her talents and potential. This focus on the full potential of each child is, moreover, at the very heart of our pedagogy at Living School. We believe that all the children of the world have a limitless potential and that the role of every educator and parent is, before all else, to activate and mobilize the potential within a child, rather than see him or her from a point of view based on limitations and flaws.

Second principle : the global issues (ecological catastrophes, problems facing sustainable development, Northern-Southern inequalities and intersecting pandemics) necessitate that we introduce, in an urgent way, new areas in a child’s academic experience, with emphasis on a new, more responsible way of living. Living School includes in its curriculum an education of the environment and what sustainable development and health mean for us today. The pedagogy is designed so that children can begin to live as ethical actors in society, rather than suffer the effects of others.

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