Education professionals who are ever evolving

We offer our teachers and coordinators, as well as education professionals, to complete workshops and trainings in savoir-être. Here are some personal stories about the kind of evolution this creates:

Sophie, teacher in maternelle:

Today, I am more joyous in class, I have more energy and I am much less often upset, angry or stressed. I have developed a true capacity for listening to the children, one that comes from the heart. Before, I did not always take the time to listen to them and I passed by remarkable treasures and essential keys to better understand them.

Elodie, coordinator:

Before, I had the tendency to have a rigid attitude with the children, cut from my affective dimension. Sometimes I was concentrated on the content areas so much that I was lacking motivation and enthusiasm. I also had trouble affirming myself with both the children and with the parents. The trainings allowed me to gain awareness of these attitudes, and to see the effects that this could have on me, on the children and on those close to me. At the same time that I accepted to see my behavior and its consequences, I succeeded in accessing my potential in order to overcome these schemas, to believe in myself and to open myself up more. It was as such that I could develop my joy and my spontaneity. I also grew in affirmation, to transmit clear guidelines and give a just framework. I grew in affirming myself with the children and with their parents, to do so when it was necessary. I also discovered within myself qualities of gentleness and calm, that allow me today to create a classroom atmosphere that is serene and truly of quality. I share more moments, too, of true joy with the whole team.

Yanek, teacher in CP:

The savoir-être workshops brought me skills and tools that are truly important for my pedagogical practice. I could immediately test the effect of my behavioral changes in the interactions I had with the children. I brought back smiles among the children by revalorizing their own self-images. I can perceive that no matter what, as a compliment to a pedagogical method, it is vital to manage our own savoir-être, for the good of the child and for our own good as well. This training is a key step for me. An absolute must!

Joseph, teacher in CM1:

A training that is out of the ordinary, that has the audacity to go to the intersecting of the current paradigms of education in France, doing so by putting emphasis on the savoir-être of the educator more than on his/her ‘savoir’ or know-how.

Camille, high school teacher

I valorized my students in terminale (senior year). I took time to tell them that they have plenty of strengths, and I encouraged them individually. This really did them an immense good and they certainly needed it…we were at a time just before their bac and their head teacher was not very encouraging.

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