We have put in place the following recruitement process for franchophone and anglophone teachers and counsellors :

  1. Do not send a CV and a letter of motivation. Reply to the questions asked in the job announcemnt, or even better, send us your video presentation.
  2. If your answers correspond with our search, you will be invited to a group interveiw. All candidates who seem to be a good fit will be invited to participate in the group interview collectively. To begin, we will invite all of the candidates to breifly introduce themselves and express thier interest and motivations. During the second half, we will present the school, its pedagogy, the position available, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Following the group interview, we will invite the candidates whose profile seem to match our search for an individual interview. If you are invited for a personal interview, this is the moment to share your CV as we will be discussing your previous professional experience and career path.
  4. If the individual interview is fruitful, we will invite you for a demo lesson with the children. You will be leading a group activity, followed by the activity of your choice. We strongly suggest that you choose an activity that you love, that highly motivates you and that you strongly desire to share with the children. If you are invited for a demo lesson, don’t forget to bring your slippers !
  5. If the demo lesson is successful, you will be invited for a final interview focused more intensively on your savoir-être/ wellness skills.
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